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County Line Auto Parts

County Line Auto Parts, located in Kingsville, Missouri, was founded in 1996 as a small, family-owned and -operated business that primarily targeted the rural, retail market.

Dennis and Krystyn Roberts purchased the facility in November, 2003. Don Morris (retired) and Joe Roederer joined the team as partners in 2004 to round out the sales and marketing aspects of the business. This partnership immediately realized substantial growth in a short amount of time. County Line is now on the preferred vendor list of most premier insurance companies, warranty companies, body shops and dealerships.

The business started in a two-person sales office with a dismantling bay and small warehouse. The facility has grown substantially and now includes a large two-tier drivetrain warehouse, a six-door production facility, and 26 acres of vehicles, and is often recognized for its flow, cleanliness, and organization. The inventory has increased tremendously, and now County Line has an organized and profitable vehicle mix.

Key features and milestones of County Line, under the newer ownership, include:

• A specialization in late model salvage, delivering to customers up to 100 miles away with our fleet of 8 delivery trucks
• Clean, quality parts that go through several points of inspection before leaving our facility
• Next-day delivery in most cases to our shops, plus shipping nationwide
• Over 110,000 parts in inventory
• Approximately 1500 cars in inventory
• 35 full-time employees (up from 6 employees at time of purchase)
• Gold Seal Certification (September 2007)
• C.A.R. Certification (September 2007)

County Line has been a member of Team PRP Midwest since QRP Midwest merged with it several years ago. Because of the support of partners in the industry, along with the benefit of key employees with decades of automotive industry experience, County Line quickly emerged into a premier automotive recycler and continues to improve and grow each year.




HiWay Auto Parts

• Owners:

James Cooley, Jr. and Dalton Cooley

• Company History:

James and Dalton’s dad, James Cooley Sr., purchased HiWay Auto Parts in 1975. The previous owner sold the business to James Sr. thinking that James Sr. could not make the salvage yard a success; he thought he would eventually repo the business after making a profit while financing it for James Sr. Needless to say, James Sr. proved that he could make the salvage yard successful—far beyond what anyone expected.

The original site was located in Early, TX and consisted of 3 acres, with James Sr. and five employees handling the daily business. James Jr. and Dalton worked for their dad during summers and after school. Hiway Auto outgrew the old location and relocated to the current location in 1986. In 1994, the business was incorporated and the name was changed to HiWay Auto Inc. Since moving to the current location, James Sr., with his two sons, had purchased adjoining land, giving HiWay Auto 47 acres of land.

After James Sr.’s passing in 2007, his sons James Jr. and Dalton have taken over ownership. The company continues to grow, with additional improvements continually being made. We have built a reputation of integrity and honesty that we take pride in.

• Facility Info:

Our 47-acre property is equipped with numbered row location to locate the 1500 vehicles that we currently have on site.

We have a newly remodeled front office, with two counter salesmen providing an atmosphere that is welcoming to our customers as they are helped in locating the parts that they need. Our main office has five individual offices plus six individual salesman cubicles. Our latest addition is a conference room for our monthly company meetings.

The facility includes a large warehouse and production area; a rebuilder shop; an engine warehouse that is equipped to hold 1000 motors and transmissions; a dismantling/core/shipping building; and a sizeable front-end building.

The five-bay dismantling area is equipped with dismantling tables, overhead cranes and seven lifts. We have just purchased a brand new Alkota Cleaning System equipped with a geyser GT portable electric hot water press to ensure that our parts being sold are clean and of high quality.

• Number of Employees:

We have 26 full-time employees. Owners: James Cooley, Jr. & Dalton Cooley; Manager, Alvis Eoff; Production manager, Juan Perez; Dismantling Manager, Bo Edwards; Salesman Manager; Chris Cooley; Salesman Manager, and Donnie Worley; Buying/Rebuilder Manager.

• How long a Team PRP member:

HiWay Auto Inc. was a co-founder of Parts Source of Texas, which they created around 2002. So, Hiway Auto has been a member of PRP and its affiliates for over 12 years.

• Industry Association Affiliations:

URG; Texas Auto Recyclers Association-James Cooley currently is serving as board member and previously served as president; Automotive Recycling Association.

• Mission Statement:

HiWay Auto Inc. is a family-owned recycling business seeking to be the preferred supplier of quality recycled parts and to provide a high standard of excellence in customer service, quality, and competitive prices.

• Website:



H&H Auto Parts

Our March featured recycler is H&H Auto Parts, run by third-generation owners, Zane and Joscelyn Malcom.

Locations: H&H Cozad is the home store, located in Cozad, Nebraska. H&H Owl is in Grand Island, Nebraska. H&H Loveland is located in Loveland, Colorado. H&H Owl acts as a “hub” and is situated in the old downtown area of Grand Island. Our Owl location handles much retail and delivers from the Cozad site to central and eastern Nebraska.

Additional Locations: H&H Axle, begun 12 years ago, is a fourth H&H business that became a separate LLC just in the last 6 months. (It is located at the Cozad location.)

Company History: H&H is a third generation business opened in 1959—originally serving as a body shop—by Kirk and Carolyn Herrington. In 1980, they made the decision to change over to 100% salvage. Second generation ownership occurred in 1993 with Don and Gayla Malcom at the helm. In 2010, Zane and Joscelyn Malcom (the third generation) purchased the company.

What’s Special/Unique About Your Company? Our company is unique in that we have four businesses in three locations across two states—with one vision!

Facility Info: Our Cozad location is a 20-acre property which can hold 1400 autos (we are currently at 700). The Loveland location is on 7 acres, and can hold 700 autos. The Cozad and Loveland locations dismantled 990 cars in 2014; the goal for 2015 is 1200. We purchase about 300 scrap (street cars) annually, primarily in Colorado.

Company Growth: H&H focuses heavily on what we call the back side of business—percentages for all department in wages, sales, production, overtime, cores, etc. We have a young but smart management group here. We hold Monday morning Manager/Owner meetings, and the managers have a weekly sales and production meeting based on the Monday morning topics. All meetings are conducted with all three sites via Skype or conference call. We also send employees site to site, because we like to keep the company working efficiently as one.

Of course, the company has grown a great deal since we purchased H&H Owl in 2012, then H&H Loveland in 2013.

The H&H axle business is currently installing a coring facility to clean, core and catalog core product more efficiently. Over the years, it has grown into handling 100 units per month. We are in the process of making our own interchange that maps to Hollander IC. All axles are built with the highest quality parts available, and we are buying from all the OEM parts producers, so most axles are rebuilt with all new OEM parts. Pinnacle users can see our product by moving H&H Axle UP in the URGNet/PinnacleNET partner set-up.

Number of Employees: 38 employees—7 salespeople, 4 dismantlers, 3 axle employees, 3 bookkeepers, 17 in production/ship-ping/cores, and 4 drivers.

Industry Association Affiliations: ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association), GMAR (Greater Midwest Automotive Recyclers), CAR (Colorado Auto Recyclers), and Team PRP.

How Long Have You Been a Team PRP Member? Three years. “It has been a great experience—the education, relationships, and the opportunity to work with other partners who deal with only the highest quality parts.”


Recycler of the Month


Grassy Auto Parts, Inc.

Our latest featured recycler is Grassy Auto Parts, owned by father and daughter, Tim Keller and Kristin Allen!

Main Location: Grassy Auto Parts, Inc. (West Liberty, KY)

Additional Locations: Bluegrass Auto Parts (Lexington, KY) and Used Auto Parts Outlet, Inc. (South Charleston, WV)

Company History: John Keller (Tim’s father) started Grassy in 1959. He was an insurance adjustor for GMAC and was transferred to West Liberty, KY from West Virginia. He soon realized, after working the area, that there was a need for an automotive recycling industry in Eastern Kentucky. Tim enjoyed the business and began working there at a young age; he worked alongside his Dad for many years until John retired in 1990. Kristin worked in the business while growing up, and has continued to work alongside her father in running the three locations.

What’s Special/Unique About Your Company? The size of our yard and the number of vehicles we have on inventory is different than most other yards. Auto Parts Outlet is on 8 acres; Bluegrass Auto Parts is on 7 acres; Grassy Auto Parts is on over 250 acres. The terrain of our yard is also unlike most! Besides those obvious things, operating a full scrap yard helps us to capitalize on recycling all unusable items off of our inventory, and it gives us an opportunity to buy vehicles across the scale that we might not have had access to.

Facility Info: We process approximately 2000 cars annually, with 7 dismantling bays running full-time, between all three locations. We have close to 3000 late model cars and trucks inventoried. Last year, we purchased 1200 cars, not including the cars purchased across the scale. We operate a full-service recycling facility buying all types of metal (steel, copper, aluminum, brass, etc.). We have daily deliveries that cover most of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Southern Ohio.

Company Growth: Over the years, we have continued to make changes to grow our company, beginning in the mid-1960’s, when John started Keller Long Lines to connect yards through a dedicated circuit. Installing Hollander in 1988, to be a front runner in computerizing our business, was another step. We opened two additional locations to cover areas where we felt there was need. In 2010, we changed computer systems to Pinnacle Professional in order to keep up with the growing industry. At that time, we also integrated the three locations with a VoIP, realizing that optimizing all the salesman at all locations would help us get our customers taken care of. We hired a general manager, Gary Mixon, in 2010 as well, which helped us change our business. Other revisions included offering a 6-month warranty with extended warranties, and beginning our salesman on performance pay. We always believe that we must change with the changing industry to continue to run a successful salvage yard!

Industry Association Affiliations: KATRA; CAR; GOLD Seal; ARA; URG; PRP

Number of Employees: For all sites combined, we have 8 in Sales, 7 Dismantlers, 6 in Order Fulfillment, 5 Yard Pullers, 3 in Inventory, and 9 Delivery Drivers.

How Long Have You Been a Team PRP Member? We have been a PRP member since May 2014!



Arizona Auto Parts!

Arizona Auto Parts started in 1919 in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, where the parts company also included a technical school for aspiring vehicle mechanics. In 1954, they relocated to their current location and have remained there for the past 60 years.

Owned by the Pierson Family, Arizona Auto Parts is now under the leadership of the 4th generation. Mike Pierson and Ken Hardison handle the day-to-day operations but could not do it without the many dedicated employees, most of whom have been employees for over 10 years.

Arizona Auto has grown from its single auto recycling facility to include the late model full-service facility, a stand-alone auto repair center, 3 self-serve locations, and a scrap metal company. They still train aspiring mechanics . . . and parts pullers and salesmen!

Staying armed with the best yard management system, peer groups, and ARA, URG and Team PRP training, Arizona Auto has continued to grow at a steady pace. The full-Serve Arizona Auto Parts has 32 employees and processes over 150 vehicles per month.

Arizona Auto Parts is committed to employing great people, buying great inventory, and taking care of their great customers. Team PRP standards and best practices are trained on a weekly basis at Arizona Auto. Tuesdays before work, the sales team meets; Thursdays it is the production team’s turn. We have seen an increase in consumer confidence as we strive to meet the high standards that come with delivering Premium Recycled Parts.

They are further committed to protecting the environment. Besides all the green benefits of auto recycling, Arizona Auto Parts has participated in a green initiative that is helped by living where the sun always shines. In 2010, Arizona Auto installed 500 solar panels on the warehouse roofs. The Arizona sun now drives our power bills down to well under $100 per month.

• Website:

Team PRP’s Recycler of the Month


Central Auto Parts!

• Owners:

Ben Silver & Jeff Silver

• Company History:

Our company was established in 1977 as “Denver Import Auto Parts” by Larry Silver and Norman Wright (Stadium Auto Parts). A couple years after the origination of “Denver Import Auto Parts,” Larry purchased the rest of the company shares and changed the name to “Central Foreign Auto Parts,” the business grew to be more successful and refined each year. Larry was the son of a small business owner and understood the importance of ethics and honesty in business. Early on, Larry established that top quality parts and great service would be the focus of the company. In 2005, after a battle with Leukemia, Larry passed and left the business to his two sons Ben and Jeff. The principles that the company were started on were reinforced, and Central continued to grow and supply high quality, guaranteed parts to markets across the country. After expansion efforts into Domestic Auto Parts went well, the company changed their name to “Central Auto Parts” in 2014 to better reflect their product offerings. Today, Central Auto Parts has built a reputation that is second to none in the Denver Metro Area. You can tell quality is job one at Central, and that’s how we’ve become “Denver’s Leader in Recycled Auto Parts!”
• Facility Info:

Central Auto Parts developed a new site just north of Downtown Denver near 60th Ave. and Federal Blvd. This project, from land and site development to complete move, took over a year and was completed in April 2014. We sit on 6.4 acres of industrial land adjacent to I-76 and just minutes from the 2 largest highways in the state. We utilize “Block Row” sections and ABC inventory rows to store our nearly 600 vehicles on site. We have 3000 sq. ft. of remodeled office featuring a 750 square foot conference/meeting room, 8 offices, and a front office. Our new site features a state-of-the-art four-bay dismantling facility (4000 sq. ft.) equipped with Bend-Pak lifts and 13′ tall overhead cranes that serve two bays each. We use dismantling tables, overhead shop air and electric, and custom tool/prep carts to quickly dismantle and prep mechanical parts for stocking. Our warehouse is roughly 11,500 square feet and has the capacity to hold roughly 850 engines and 1100 transmissions. We utilize narrower aisles and custom material handling equipment (no electrical or mechanical equipment, to reduce costs, downtime, and equipment reliance) to handle all parts in our warehouse. We also have a dedicated parts prep, staging, and shipping area (3000 sq. ft.). We utilize an ESD Waste2Water System paired with high volume/PSI Landa Pressure Washer to make sure our parts are Team PRP Clean and Quality.

• Number of employees:

We have 17 full-time employees.
• Owners – Ben Silver & Jeff Silver
• Managers & Leads – Don Eccles, Buying/GM; Gavin LeGrande, Production Manager; Sales Lead, Tony Larson; Dismantling Lead; Chris Maughan

• How long a Team PRP member?

Central “Foreign” Auto Parts was an original member of PAR West, which was created around 2002. So, Central has been a member of PRP and its affiliates for over 12 years.

• Industry association affiliations:

URG – URG 8000 Accredited, ARA, Colorado Automotive Recyclers – Ben Silver serves as Vice President, Automotive Service Association (ASA-CO), BBB Accredited

• Mission Statement:

Central Auto Parts is dedicated to providing the highest quality recycled parts possible. We will provide unparalleled customer service, on-time delivery, and treat our clients with kindness, honesty, and respect. Our primary goal is continued profitable growth through refined management practices, efficient production, and a focused marketing strategy.

Central Auto Parts is further dedicated to providing a safe, challenging, progressive, fun, and financially satisfying workplace for all of its employees. Our employees take pride in the work they complete and should be proud to be a part of the Central Auto Parts team.

• Website:  (New site and URL coming in late November!)



Fox Auto Parts in Bellevue, Michigan!



Joe Fox, Bill Fox, and Bob Fox

Facility Info:

We currently have 25 acres, process around 900 vehicles annually, and run 4 dismantling bays. We run a pre-dismantle facility, so we have 2 full-time dismantlers and 1 dismantler/production flex employee. Every vehicle gets dismantled on arrival, and all parts that would require a loader or dismantler’s bay are pulled at that time, allowing any of our 5 production staff to go out to the vehicles and pull the remaining inventoried parts as they are sold. But with all engines, transmissions and suspensions already pulled and put away, it is a much easier time to pull the remaining parts. Our production staff are on a ‘Start to finish’ system, where they sign on to the part, pull the part, prep the part ,and package the part for delivery, so we can maintain a higher level of accountability for the quality of our parts.

Number of employees:

We currently staff 7 salesmen, 2 dismantlers, 5 production and 4 drivers.

Company History:

In 1973, we started off with a small facility in Ypsilanti, Michigan, with the desire to provide top quality used auto parts at a reasonable price with five-star customer service to the Metro Detroit area. Today, we still service the greater Metro Detroit area, but there have been many changes to improve our family owned business.

In 1985 we moved to a state-of-the-art facility located on 25 acres in Belleville, Michigan. Our inventory is now completely computerized, photographed, and inspected. We have over 50,000 ft. of storage space and process over 800 vehicles a year. We are a family-owned business in the 2nd generation with the 3rd generation quickly coming up.

How long a Team PRP member?

We’ve been a PRP member since 2012.

Industry association affiliations:

Fox Auto Parts is a proud member of Automotive Recyclers Association, United Recyclers Group and Auto Recyclers of Michigan as well as Team PRP

How have you grown over the years?

In 2008, we opened a full-service department with 12 service bays staffed by ASE and state certified technicians that perform all repairs from brake jobs to engine replacements. This past summer, we were proud to open Fox Auto U-Pull, a U-pull yard located right next to our full service yard, so that we can help service more customers. We are always looking for ways to grow and improve our business and look forward to what the years ahead will bring.

What’s special about your company? What differentiates you from the rest of the industry?

We are committed to being as efficient as possible, and we try to stay ahead of the curve. We try to regularly go over everything from how we load trucks in the morning, to how we place vehicles in the yard, to make things run as smoothly as possible. We’re also very customer service oriented; we try to help every customer to the best of our abilities and get them the parts they need as quickly as possible.








TEAM PRP’S RECYCLER OF THE MONTH: Higgins Auto Parts in Bakersfield, CA!

• Owners: Phillip & Larry Ball, Tim Austin & Bryan Meyer


• Facility Info: 10 acres; 500-600 cars per year; two dismantling bays. We have an 8,000-pound Mitsubishi forklift/loader, one 8,000 Mitsubishi forklift/loader (great loader for import and small cars), one 3,000 lb Mitsubishi forklift, one 3,500-pound Clark forklift, one 16-foot Isuzu NPR box truck, one 18-foot Isuzu NPR box truck, one short bed Toyota pickup, and one Chevrolet 2500 stake bed. Our parts pullers utilize EzGo golf carts with fully equipped toolboxes and a tow behind generator for body cuts. A classic Nissan 720 pickup is the facility workhorse. Our engines, transmissions, suspension and many other parts are scrubbed clean with a heated pressure washer and our waste2water system (which we highly recommend) handles all the containments and recycling from that process.


• Number of employees: 15 total—Three sales employees, one sales supervisor, two dismantlers, two parts pullers, two delivery drivers, one shipping supervisor, one quality control/facility maintenance supervisor, Vice President Production (Production Supervisor, Buying, Inventory), Vice President Finance (Buying, Bookkeeping, Administration), and President (Sales Manager, HR, Marketing)


• Company History: Dexter Higgins (Larry Ball’s father-in-law and Phillip Ball’s grandfather) founded Higgins Auto Parts in 1951, so this is a third generation business. Dexter passed at age 96 in 2011. Larry Ball is still the majority shareholder, but he has been enjoying semi-retirement for the last several years. Phillip Ball is President, Tim Austin and Bryan Meyer are Vice Presidents.


• How long a Team PRP member? Since the Fall of 2007.


• Industry association affiliations: ARA – CAR Certified and Gold member; State of California Auto Dismantlers Association, Partners in the Solution Certified.


• How have you grown over the years? “In the 50s and 60s, Higgins Used Cars and Auto Wrecking was an automotive oasis along the main north-south artery that spans the length of California on Highway 99. In those days, Dexter Higgins, operating as a sole proprietor, offered just about every type of automotive service: auto repair, towing, parts and used cars. When the second generation (Mr. Higgins’ son-in-law) purchased the entire interest of the company from the founder in 1981, it was Larry Ball’s decision to shed some of the periphery businesses in order to focus on the used parts business. He purchased his first rudimentary computer system in 1985, which was a good start, but the company really started evolving in 1989, when the Hollander Yard Management system was implemented to control inventory and manage sales. With Larry Ball, it has always been looking forward, never back. We joined Team PRP in the fall of 2007, installed Pinnacle Professional in April of 2009, and in 2011, and we started attending the Counts Consulting profit meetings. Larry Ball fully retired in the fall of 2013 at the age of 69.”


• What’s special about your company? What differentiates you from the rest of the industry? “At Higgins Auto Parts, we believe that quality does not only define the products that we deliver, we strive to incorporate quality into everything that we do and everything that we are. Most businesses tout that they have the ability to deliver quality products and services, but how about quality communication or uncommon integrity? The difference at Higgins Auto Parts is that we understand that anyone can deliver a good product and many can deliver an excellent product or service, but how many competitors can deliver sincerity? Trust? Honesty? At Higgins Auto Parts we see the value in tying quality to every action we take and provide value in every part we sell. Team PRP has been an excellent fit for our business and standards, at Higgins Auto Parts we truly feel at home among the Team PRP family. “


• Website:



Snyder’s Certified Auto and Truck Parts

The old saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas!” could well apply to this month’s Team PRP Recycler of the Month—Snyder’s Certified Auto and Truck Parts.

The family-owned and -operated business was started by Ralph Snyder and his oldest son, Dan, in 1988. At that time, Ralph was leaving the construction business, and Dan was a new college graduate. In 1994, Ralph’s middle son, Andy, joined in, while the youngest son, Travis, joined them later, in 2002. Ralph’s oldest daughter, Bonnie Garcia serves as Snyder’s CFO, as well as for their self-service operations (Wrench-a-Part).

Snyder’s employs 55 people at their Holland, TX location, with approximately 100 more employees working at the three Wrench-a-Part locations found in Austin, Belton, and Lubbock, TX.

The Holland location processes about 2400 vehicles annually on their 37-acre property, while the three Wrench-a-Part locations—on a total of just over 100 acres—process approximately 24,000 additional vehicles annually.

Snyder’s specializes in high-quality late model salvage, and prides themselves on excellent customer service and accurate inventory. Their Wrench-a-Part locations are particularly modern and clean facilities, boasting a large volume of self-service vehicles to choose from.

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) awarded Snyder’s their “Car Star Award” in 2010, and in the same year, they were selected as a finalist in the Baylor University Small Business of the Year awarding. Additionally, they were pleased to have been the recipient of a “Team PRP Quality Control Award.”

In 1999, Dan and Andy Snyder accepted an invitation from Barry Rubin and Mike Kunkel to join the original Part Source of Texas trading group. This group pioneered the trailering system that is now the hallmark of Team PRP.

Dan, who serves as Snyder’s general manager, stated that he attributes much of their success to partnering with Team PRP, as well as to being a long-standing member of the Counts Owner Groups (Profit Teams).


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