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Team PRP Recycler of the Month

Kosiski Auto Parts, Inc., in Omaha, Nebraska becomes our newest Team PRP Recycler of the Month!

When asked how many employees work at Kosiski, president and owner, Joe Kosiski, was quick to reply, “Twenty-three GREAT employees!” In learning about their business, it became readily apparent that this was a business run with great pride and a strong sense of teamwork and professionalism.
Owned and founded jointly by three Kosiski brothers—Joe, Steve and Ed—Kosiski’s was formerly “Williams Auto Parts” in 1975.  At that time, their father, Bob Kosiski, purchased the property and started the business along with his sons.  In 1980, they renamed the business and rebuilt their facility on new property.



In addition to their 8-acre facility, which holds about 850 cars, they own A-1 Crashed Cars, a You-Pull-It location in South Sioux City, Nebraska.
Today, a number of family members work with Kosiski’s, including Joe’s daughter (Lisa Leighton) and son (Andrew Kosiski), as well as two nephews—Robby, who acts as their production manager, and Brian, who works in scrapping.  Bob Kosiski is no longer an owner, but remains involved there.
In addition to a number of “Best of Omaha” awards over the years, Joe Kosiski was pleased to mention their Team PRP Top Dog award winners; Gary Pinneo (Sales Manager), won first place with last year’s Top Dog awards, and just last week, Andrew Kosiski won third place in this year’s awards group.

Clearly proud of the Kosiski team, Joe added, “We have a great crew here, and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are at.  We’ve got a lot of heart with our crew!”





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Our newest Team PRP Recycler of the Month is Don’s Automotive Mall, Inc.—with locations serving the southern tier of New York and northern tier of Pennsylvania.

A large family-owned operation, Donald Beagell, Sr. started the business in 1949 at their main Binghamton, New York location. The original facility burnt to the ground in 1972, but was later rebuilt. Don Sr. ran the facility with his three sons, Don Jr., Roger and Gary, until 1985 when Don Jr. took over and ran the business for several years.

Later, another family member, Mike Colsten, ran the business as General Manager until his recent retirement, when Cindy and Randy Howard and Greg Beagell took over. (Today, Don Beagell, Jr., along with his son and daughter Greg Beagell and Cindy Howard, are co-owners with Mike Colsten.)

In 1990, with several other family members, a facility in Elmira, New York (about 65 miles west of the main location) was purchased, which was then converted to a self-service location called Horseheads Pick-A-Part. In 2007, one more location in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania was added, becoming a second Don’s full-service location. The addition of that location offered customers daily delivery from Philadelphia PA to Syracuse NY.

Each location is sizable, with 17 acres in Binghamton, 6.5 acres in Pennsburg, and 25 acres in Horseheads. The company employs a total of 91 people. Vehicles processed annually reaches approximately 6500.

Don’s Automotive is proud to have received beautification awards and Gold Seal Certification from Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA). The family has been very active in both the ARA and the ARANY over the years, and they credit much of their success to the knowledge gained from fellow recyclers.

“Working together with some of the best automotive recyclers in the country to raise the level of service and quality has set us apart from our competition,” Greg Beagell attested. “Our quality trading partners, and our nightly exchange at our hub, allows us to say yes—with confidence—much more often.”



Team PRP Recycler of the Month


Hanser’s Automotive & Wrecker Company in Billings, Montana becomes our latest Team PRP Recycler of the Month!


The group of Hanser companies now consists of auto and truck repair, volume transmission rebuilding, wrecker and recovery services, environmental remediation, and a late model salvage company. They employ over 100 workers, which includes 14 master technicians.

Family owned and operated, Ralph Hanser remains the owner and is still active working in the towing department. Son, Scott, serves as general manager, overseeing all operations of the Salvage Company.  Shawn, another son, runs the service department and the transmission rebuild department.  A third son, Spencer, runs the heavy wreckers portion and handles training for this division.  Ralph’s wife Sharon still handles their payroll.



Here are just a few of the impressive facts concerning their very sizable operation:

•  Hanser’s has over 2,000 late model cars and trucks available.

•  Their over 60,000 square foot building sits on 24 acres.

•  Hanser’s state-of-the-art rebuild center includes torque converters, valve bodies and solenoid rebuilding.  About 25 transmissions are shipped out each day.

•  The heavy-duty truck department has 125-foot drive through bays, allowing trucks and trailers to remain connected. In this division, there are 87 pieces of operating equipment, including five roadside service trucks, excavation equipment and specialized Hazmat emergency response units.

•  Service bays for auto and truck repair are 29-feet with a hoist capable of lifting up to 60,000 pounds; this enables the company to handle diesel and motor coach repair.

•  Hanser’s owns approximately 80 tow trucks and support vehicles.

•  About 1500 vehicles per year are processed in the salvage division.


We are partnered with Team PRP knowing that they market to the insurance companies better than we could, and having access to such a large inventory allows us to better serve our customers, which is our end-result goal at Hanser’s.   – Scott Hanser


CLICK HERE to take a look at Hanser’s five television commercials.

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Team PRP Recycler of the Month

GO Auto Recycling of Jacksonville, Florida, becomes our newest Team PRP “Recycler of the Month!”  


In business since 2009, GO Auto Recycling is perhaps one of the “youngest” partner facilities; however, it is also one of our fastest-growing businesses—a truly dynamic facility in the network.

Founded and owned by Brian Shell and Jason Finley, the pair became friends while working together in Charleston. It was after Brian moved to L.A. to work for a different company as VP of International Trading, and Jason moved to Cincinnati to work as District Manager of The David J. Joseph Company, that the duo came up with a business plan.

With a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, they left their corporate careers to start anew in the auto recycling industry.  Despite the fact that neither of them were coming into the industry through family ties, Brian and Jason were able to do all the hard work necessary to learn what was needed to create a thriving and progressive business.

After much research, they relocated to Jacksonville, FL where, found an ideal facility to purchase.  Starting out with just 2 employees and 2 trucks, they now have 34 employees (including themselves) and run 6–7 trucks daily.  Their additional self-service facility, GO Pull-It, employs another 19.

Go Auto operates on 11 acres and processes 130 cars each month.  GO Pull-It sits on 50 acres, but operates on just over half of that acreage; that location processes 500-600 cars/month with the capability of processing 900-1000 cars/month.

All makes, models and types of vehicles are recycled, with a broader focus of simply buying cars and parts that their customers are searching for.

Both Jason and Brian value their partnership with Team PRP. Brian, in fact, serves as our Treasurer on the national board, as well as on the Operations Committee. Jason is active as a member of our Membership Committee and Training committee.

Jason spoke highly of Team PRP and its partners. “Team PRP was exactly what Brian and I were looking for when we got into the business 5 years ago.  We wanted to find a group of recyclers to share ideas, be progressive, move the industry forward with technology, using best practices and procedures, and have quality trading partners that could help us achieve higher order fulfillment,” he explained.  “In just our short time with Team PRP, we have seen remarkable growth and positive change with the implementation of a national trucking system, a successful new core program, and partnership with AER—and participating in peer benchmarking groups, to name a few.  When I think of PRP, I think about the quality people . . . the owners and managers who volunteer their time and engage in many selfless acts on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that benefit the group as a whole and keep us moving in the right direction.”



Brian Shell and Jason Finley

(Photo taken in conjunction with Jacksonville Business Journal Top 50 Award as #33 fastest growing business.)