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Shipping Guide

Part Preparation & Shipping Guidelines

1. Inspect

    1. Ensure stock # matches the work order
    2. Confirm the interchange description on the work order matches the part
    3. Confirm work order comments match or special instructions have been completed
    4. Inspect the unit for cracks/damage to the case/housing, and any cut wiring or damaged sensors/external parts

2. Prepare

    1. Remove any of the following (after having been approved for sale):
      1. Unnecessary hoses, wiring, or brackets
      2. Broken sensors
      3. Any other loose, broken, or damaged external parts
    2. Use properly sized red plugs to cover any critical openings (including accessory items). Use adhesive tape where plugs don’t fit. 

3. Clean

    1. Pressure-wash the entire unit to remove any oil or grease. Team PRP recommends using a hot pressure washer, commercial degreaser or non-heated pressure washer or a combination of these to properly wash the transmission
    2. Complete a final check for cracks or breaks that might have gone unnoticed prior to cleaning

4. Tagging and Identification 

    1. Ensure the correct stock number is visible on the unit
    2. Use wire or zip tie to secure the Team Team PRP warranty and drain warning

5. Shipping

    1. Use one of the following standard pallets:
      1. Small Transmission - 24x32
      2. Medium Transmission - 26x40
      3. Large Standard Engine / Transmission - 30x20 
    2. If the unit is oversized or uncommon in shape, pallet reinforcement / alteration is recommended to ensure stabilization during transportation
    3. Use no fewer than two banding straps to secure the unit
      1. Ensure straps are not tightened over critical fragile exterior components like plugs or sensors that may break when pressure is applied

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