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Like with any other auto recycler, the sale of cores to rebuilders and part recyclers is an integral  part of the revenue stream of a Team PRP member. As recyclers, we tend to think of cores  relating to engines, transmissions, many electrical parts, ECM and so on but, in today’s market,  any part could be an opportunity for core charges and sales. Therefore, core charges and the  return of cores to the Team PRP member selling a part to another member is likely to be a part of  the transaction. To simplify the process, Team PRP has established a set of rules or guidelines to  make the understanding of cores more implicit thus also simplifying the transaction itself since  both the seller and the buyer understand what the rules are. 

Partner-to-Partner Core Charges  
Need Core Back (NCB)  

  • If you, as the selling facility, want the core back, indicate this during initial discussions about the part  and enter NCB (Need Core Back) in the part description.  
  • If the selling facility wants to get the core back from the brokering facility, the line item on the invoice  must be identified as NCB which stands for “Needs the Core Back”, and the value of the core must still be included in the invoice for the event that the brokering facility does not get the core back from the  customer or the core is unusable by the selling facility.  
  • The Team PRP partner that indicates NCB on a part expects to receive a rebuildable core – known as  “like for core” back. If the core has damage and is not rebuildable or if the core being returned is not  the same interchange number as the original part sold, the selling and brokering partners will negotiate  the value of the returned core and agree on a core refund amount.  
  • An NCB notation requesting that a core be returned applies even if the value of the core is below the  minimum value as defined in the next section.  
  • The Hollander interchange number for the NCB part must be noted on the core in paint pen before  sending it back. The number entered must reflect, as accurately as possible, the interchange number  for the core regardless of whether it is the same as the original part sold or not.  
  • All return freight for an NCB part is the responsibility of the facility that wants the core back. This step  should be negotiated / handled at the time of sale, agreed upon by both buyer and seller, and  documented.  

Minimum Core Value  

  • Team PRP has established a minimum value of $100 for a core to be subject to its core policy.  Core valued at less than $100 based on the URG core value tables (see section below) should  not be included in a transaction between Team PRP partners.  
  • The value of the core will be as defined by the latest version of the URG core values table (see URG  section below) 
  • When participating in the URG core values program, please make sure the updates to the core values  are automatically downloaded and installed or do so manually or on a routine and frequent basis as the  values can change drastically very quickly.

50-50 Core Split (Core Revenue Sharing Program)  

  • All cores (except those identified as NCB or those valued at less than $100) will be handled using the  Team PRP revenue sharing plan and are not to be returned to the vendor facility for credit.  • Under this revenue sharing program, the selling member charges the brokering member 50% of the  value of the core as defined by the URG core value table. The brokering member agrees to pay the  50% of the core value when paying for the part. The brokering member is expected to charge its  customer for at least 100% of the core value. If and when the brokering member receives the core  back from the customer, they are free to sell the core to any of the core buyers. If the core has not  been identified as NCB, and in an effort to minimize part traffic using the trailering system, there is no  need to return the core.  
  • The core charge must be entered into the invoice as a separate line item so the core revenue does not  impact brokered profit margin.  
  • Under no circumstance should the brokering member return the core back to the selling member  unless the part was noted as NCB and meets the criteria defined above for NCB parts. That is the  case even if the current value of the core is considerably below the value at the time of sale as defined  by the URG core values table. 

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