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Part Preparation & Shipping Guidelines

1. Inspect and Clean

    1. Confirm part description as well as interchange information on work order matches the part and any special instructions have been completed
      1. Often times seats will be sold for the use of the attached motor and track assemblies
    2. Clean the part as thoroughly as possible 
      1. Interior components will rarely be able to be restored to like new condition
      2. Ensure irreversible wear and tear has been described
        1. Grease marks
        2. Heavy cushion denting
        3. Rips or tears in material
        4. Broken adjustable components / levers
        5. Broken mounting tabs or brackets
    3. Avoid spraying or heavily washing seats or other interior components which may absorb water

2. Tagging and Identification

    1. Stock number or PO number should be engraved or written on an inward facing portion of the part - if this is not possible then no stock number should be applied.

3. Shipping

    1. Small interior components must be boxed 
    2. Larger components like bench seats, large cumbersome seats, or dash panels must be wrapped and palletized if they can’t be easily carried by one person
      1. Use no fewer than two binding straps to secure the part to the pallet; use a buffer like cardboard or styrofoam to prevent the strap from damaging upholstery/finished materials

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