Shipping Guide

Part Preparation & Shipping Guidelines

1. Inspect and Clean

    1. Confirm part description as well as interchange information on work order matches the part and any special instructions have been completed
    2. Inspect for any broken or missing components including guide pins, mounts, plugs, and indicator lights
    3. Remove any aftermarket covers / blind spot attachments
    4. Thoroughly wash and degrease as necessary to remove dirt and debris
    5. Mirror should be polished and the housing should be cleaned thoroughly

2. Tagging and Identification

    1. Stock number or PO number should be engraved or written on the inner mounting portion

2. Shipping

    1. All mirrors must be boxed
    2. At least 2 inches worth of packing space should surround the unit inside the box
      1. To quickly assess your box size: Use your index, middle, and ring finger as a minimum width check between the outer box wall and the mirror

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