Section Cuts / Cabs / Beds

Shipping Guide

Part Preparation & Shipping Guidelines

1. Inspect and Clean

    1. Confirm part description and interchange information on work order matches the part and any special instructions have been completed
    2. Assemblies include:
      1. Front End
        1. Complete Front Bumper
        2. Header Panel (if applicable)
        3. Grille
        4. Hood & hinges
        5. All lighting and mounts
        6. Left and right fenders
        7. Core support
        8. Unibody rails through shocktowers
        9. Condenser
        10. Radiator / cooling fans
      2. Rear Clip
        1. Complete Rear Bumper
        2. Decklid/Tailgate/Hatch Assembly with hinges
        3. All lighting and mounts
        4. Left and Right Quarter Panels
        5. Trunk floor
        6. Rear unibody frame rails
        7. Back glass
        8. Inner and outer roof panel
        9. Body floor pan to first seam
      3. Truck Cab
        1. Complete cab shell and cowl section
        2. Windshield posts
        3. Roof assembly
        4. Rear cab panel
        5. Both rockers & floor pan
      4. Bed / box
        1. Bedsides
        2. Floor pan
        3. Tailgate
        4. Front bed panel
        5. All lighting and mounts
        6. Fuel door
    3. Remove all stickers, tape, glue residue
      1. Small typical dealership decals are OK to leave
    4. Remove any other cosmetic aftermarket materials
      1. decorative air dams
      2. window rain guards
      3. Loose bed covers
      4. window tinting
      5. fender flares etc.
    5. Any loose broken glass in assemblies should be removed prior to sale; remnants must be covered using duct tape to prevent harm while handling
    6. Any sharp edges from section cuts must be covered with duct tape to prevent harm while handling
    7. Thoroughly wash and degrease body components inside and out
      1. Trim panels / interior components  included in assemblies must be cleaned and free of trash & debris

2. Tagging and Identification

    1. Ensure the stock number is written in an inconspicuous place

3. Shipping

    1. Use a pallet that is appropriately sized to match the part being shipped
      1. Avoid using pallets that are too big for the part being shipped as they needlessly take up transportation space
      2. To protect parts from side impact damage during transportation, body parts should not overhang the sides of the pallet
    2. Use no fewer than two binding straps to secure the part to the pallet - use a buffer like cardboard or styrofoam to prevent the strap from damaging painted surfaces
      1. Large parts shipping to any NA destination should usually be wrapped with additional outer protection / padding

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