Suspension, Crossmembers, Frames, Steering & Drive Shafts

Shipping Guide

Part Preparation & Shipping Guidelines

1. Inspect and Clean

    1. Ensure stock # matches the work order
    2. Confirm the interchange description on the work order matches the part
    3. Confirm work order comments match or special instructions have been completed
    4. Assemblies include:
      1. Rear Suspension Assemblies
        1. Strut
        2. Coil Spring
        3. Strut Mounts
        4. Spindle
        5. Hub and Bearing Assembly
        6. Control Arm
      2. Complete Independent Rear
        1. Right and Left Rear Suspension Assemblies
        2. Crossmember - if applicable
      3. Steering Column
        1. All levers and switches
        2. Key Cylinder
        3. Column to first disconnect at steering gear
      4. Frames
        1. Right and left frame rails
        2. All crossmembers
        3. Suspension mounting brackets
    5. Inspect all units for abnormalities, rust and wear & tear
      1. Steering Gear Rack - check:
        1. Splines in tact
        2. Seals intact - no leakage
        3. No unusual bends in the arms
        4. Housing, mounts and plugs all intact
        5. CV Joints rotate freely
      2. Frames - check
        1. Entire unit for rust - top and bottom
          1. Customers can be very particular about the presence of rust on frames, preventing the needless handling and eventual return because of rust on large parts like this is critical 
        2. No irregular bends or gouges
        3. No cut arms / bolts remaining
        4. No bent or cut brackets
      3. Crossmember - check
        1. No irregular bends or gouges
        2. No cut arms / bolts remaining
      4. Suspension - check
        1. Ball joints, hubs, and any other joints move properly
      5. Driveshafts - check
        1. Joints and protective boots are intact and move properly
        2. No leaking fluids 
    6. Any rust that is determined to be acceptable by salesperson should be treated with a wire brush
    7. Pressure-wash the entire unit to remove any oil or grease
    8. Complete a final check for cracks or breaks in the ball joint/boot that might have gone unnoticed prior to cleaning
    9. If painting the unit:
      1. Ensure its completely descaled prior to spraying
      2. Ensure its dry prior to spraying
      3. Use low gloss black paint only
      4. Re-apply stock numbers immediately after drying is complete

2. Tagging and Identification

    1. Ensure the correct stock number is visible on the unit

3. Shipping

    1. Frames
      1. Frames may only be shipped using a frame cart
    2. Knees / Complete Assemblies
      1. Use one of the following standard pallets:
        1. Small Transmission - 24x32
        2. Medium Transmission - 26x40
        3. Large Standard Engine / Transmission - 30x20 
      2. Use no fewer than two banding straps to secure the unit
    3. Steering Gear Rack
      1. Housing should be protected and wrapped with packing material
      2. Joints & boots should be protected with packing material
      3. Smaller racks may be boxed 
    4. Hubs / Arms / Individual Suspension parts
      1.  If the part is small  , it is not required to be palletized
      2. When shipping to NA it should be wrapped and boxed
    5. Drive shafts
      1. Joints & boots should be protected with packing material
      2. When shipping to NA attach the unit to a 2x4 to prevent shipping damage

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