About us

team prp staff

Executive Director: Jarret Hann
Home Office: Williamsburg, VA
Phone: 757-207-0033
Email: jhann@teamprp.com
Committee Assignments: Executive, Finance, Marketing, & IT

Director of Logistics: Mark Canapa
Home Office: Flowery Branch, GA
Phone: 859-533-7609
Email: markcanapa@teamprp.com
Committee Assignments: Transportation & Dispute Resolution

Director of Marketing & Communications: Jessica Wauhop
Phone: 540-529-0232
Email: jwauhop@teamprp.com

Regional Director: Ray Coker
Home Office: Mobile, AL
Phone: 251-454-5776
Email: raycoker@teamprp.com
Committee Assignments: Commodities, Membership, & Vendor Relations

Special Consultant: Charlie Martin
Home Office: Greenville, NC
Phone: 252-321-0699
Email: charlie@prpna.com
Committee Assignments: Insurance & Events

team prp board of directors

Chairman: Dan Snyder
Treasurer: Jim McKinney
Secretary: Rachel Ehlers
Patrick McKinney
Richard Smith
Marty Myers
Nick Roberts
Executive Director: Jarret Hann

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