About us

team prp staff

Executive Director: Jarret Hann
Home Office: Williamsburg, VA
Committee Assignments: Executive, Finance, Marketing, & IT

Regional Director: Ray Coker
Home Office: Mobile, AL
Committee Assignments: Commodities, Membership, & Vendor Relations

Special Consultant: Charlie Martin
Home Office: Greenville, NC
Committee Assignments: Insurance & Events

team prp board of directors

Chairman: Dan Snyder (Snyder’s Auto Salvage. Holland, TX)
Treasurer: Jim McKinney (Milliron Auto Parts. Mansfield, OH)
Patrick McKinney (AAA Auto Parts & Salvage. Rosemont, MN)
Nick Roberts (Transwest Auto & Truck Parts. Provo, UT)
Brian Dean (JC Auto & Truck, Monroe City, MO)
Jayson Doren (Morris Rose, Kalamazoo, MI)
Phil Riffel (ACS Auto Parts, formerly Auto Parts of Sylvester, Sylvester, GA)
Tim Martin (Arizona Auto Parts, Phoenix, AZ)
Executive Director: Jarret Hann

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