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TEAM PRP $125 and Under Policy “Write The Credit”

Two of the most important Cultural Values in Team PRP are Trust and Accountability. These values are especially important when it comes to the $125 Returns Policy which has been in place since January 17, 2022. Please take a moment to re-acquaint yourself with the policy below.

Team PRP Policy: Eliminating Returns of $125.00 and Under

As of January 17, 2022, Team PRP will eliminate the return of parts $125.00 and under.

  • If the part and freight is $125.00 or under, the supplying yard will issue a complete credit for the part plus the freight, and the buyer will not return the part.
  • On EZ Runner, when completing the Return Authorization Response, select “Credited, do not return”. For bookkeeping purposes enter the credit invoice # or something that describes the credit on the part in the Notes
  • Photos are not required.

Business Case for the Decision:

  • In 2021, Team PRP spent $2.1 million to return more than 104K parts. Of the total returns: 36,400 or 35% were invoiced at $125 or less; representing $735K in freight spend, and an estimated $686K for processing/packing returns.
  • Eliminating the return of parts $125 and under will provide an annual estimated cost reduction of $1.66m.
  • Of the parts $125 and under, over 70% of parts that were credited, were not restocked (mechanical and body).
  • Cost savings: Cuts shipping materials cost, labor, etc.
  • Reduces useless freight on the system.
  • Forces sellers and buyers to take a closer look at the parts being sent.
  • Creates a more efficient system.

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