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4.3. 60-Days “No Hassle” Part Returns (RMA Process)

The Team PRP “60-days No hassle return” policy, minimizes the risks associated with  sourcing parts but it also complicates transactions that require part returns. The goals of  the Team PRP RMA process are: 

  1. to reduce unnecessary return of parts,
  2. to eliminate  or minimize the damage to parts being returned and
  3. to provide an environment to  document claims for damage or loss part claims on parts being returned.

To standardize the part return process and make it simpler and easier, Team PRP  follows the 60-days “No Hassle part return” process using EZ Runner’s RMA process.

  • Search for the part being returned in EZ Runner. 
  • Select to request a return (RMA). This will trigger EZ Runner to notify the sender that  you are requesting to return the part. When requesting the return, make sure you  specify the reason for the return. 
  • Document the return part’s condition and packaging just prior to packaging and  shipping: The original brokering yard of the part must provide the original selling yard  evidence the part is being returned in the same condition as received by providing  clear digital images. If needed, the part should be removed from the packaging then  repacked. This is especially important if the part has been in the possession of the  brokering yard for over 5 business days. The repackaged part must meet Team PRP  packaging standards.  
  • The sending member (in this case the seller) that receives the incoming return  request notification from EZ Runner should reply as soon as possible. In the EZ  Runner application, a request goes to auto-approve after one business day. In the  reply, the sender can Accept the Return, Reject the Return or indicate that a Return  Not Required.
    • If the answer is to Accept the Return, the sender agrees to issue a credit when  they receive the part. A return label can be generated using EZ Runner.
    • If the answer is to Reject the Return, the sender refuses to accept the part back  and must indicate why. It also indicates the sender will not issue a credit and it is  up to you to decide what to do with the part.
      If the answer is that Return Not Required, you have the sender’s authorization to  dispose of the part and a credit will be issued for the value of the part (which may  be a negotiated value). 
    • EZ Runner sends an email notification to the sender when an RMA was created and  instructs the user to respond. 

When the authorization to return the part is received, it is to be returned in the same  condition as when received (unless otherwise negotiated). Granted, there are instances  where a part was partially disassembled or otherwise prepped and is now being returned,  or the time lag for the return is greater than 60 days, but whenever possible the condition  is expected to be the same as when received and the request to return is expected to be  initiated within 60 days of the date of invoice. If it is not, it is required to let the seller  know. The part must also be shipped with care. When packaging a returning part, use the  same care as for a part being shipped to protect it from shipping damage. See the  packaging and shipping guidelines for the part in another section of this Guide for further  details. When being returned, doors, like other parts being returned, must be packaged  the same way as when being shipped. If lamps, hinges, etc. are separated from the  assembly, they need to be prepared separately and have shipping tags and tracking  numbers of their own 

Details relating to the timing and value of credits being issued due to a return or from an  authorization to dispose of the part in lieu of a return are included in the Credit Memo section of this guide.

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