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Team PRP Airbag Shipping Requirements

You must label and package each air bag properly.

It is each SHIPPER’S responsibility to properly package, label and document each shipment. And each SHIPPER is responsible for all fines and penalties that maybe levied for non-compliance.  The following is a guide for compliant transportation of air bags and air bag components on the Midwest Runner transportation network.

Air bags must be shipped one per package and cannot be shipped in bulk quantities. Air bag inflators, air bag modules and components are defined as 'Dangerous Goods' Class 9 and require special attention to the labels and packaging. 

Inner packaging: Electrostatic discharge is the leading cause of a failure during shipping. For inner pack and cushioning, use static control packing such as vermiculite, anti-static foam or anti-static bubble wrap. 

Outer packaging: Boxes must meet the requirements of UNSPSC Code 78121500.

Labeling: Each box must have a Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods Label (Classified as UN 3268).

Special air bag packaging kits: Commercial Forms provides an entire packaging kit for shipping air bags. Call 800-233-0771 or order online at

All hazardous materials tendered to the carrier must be declared on a bill of lading. While UPS and FedEx currently have electronic bill of ladings with a hazardous materials declaration section, EZ Runner currently does not. You will need to enter your air bag shipment in EZ Runner as usual; and manually fill out a 3-part paper bill of lading (available at Commercial Forms). ONLY fill out a manual bill of lading when shipping hazardous material (air bags).

Using the manual bill of lading, a) check the HM section, b) list the air bag(s) and the hazardous material class UN 3268 and the weight, c) list the name and phone number of your hazardous materials emergency response service, such as Chemtrek or Infotrac. d) Fill in the remaining sections of the bill of lading, such as the “From” and “To” sections and shipping date. You do not need the driver to sign the form as long as you have tendered the shipment in the EZ Runner system and noted air bag. 

Keep one copy of the BOL and affix the other 2 copies on the package, preferably in a packaging envelop.

If you are shipping air bags or any other hazardous materials, you are required to subscribe to a hazardous material emergency response service.

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